Huge Range of Hard to Get Miniature Fuses

Hard to Get Miniature Fuses

HS Sales stock a huge range of miniature fuses which are available to purchase here in our online store. Find your fuse by typing the fuse code into the search bar at the right of screen. Otherwise you can find your fuse by selecting the relevant filters from the list on the right. We also stock a large variety of less common and hard-to-get miniature fuses. Please phone us for price and availability on the fuses below:

7000140  250VAC, ultra rapid aR, 5 x 20mm

171525 250VAC, fast, glass, 5 x 25mm

7008913  450VAC, fgast, ceramic, 5 x 25mm

172530 500VAC, medium time delay, glass, 5 x 30mm

171530 500VAC, fast, glass, 5 x 30mm

TDC600 600VAC, fast, ceramic, 6.3 x 25.4mm

7012540 160mA to 2amp is 700VAC, 2.5amp to 10amp is 600VAC, 12.5amp to 20amp is 500VAC,  ultra rapid aR, 6.3 x 32mm

7017240 1000VAC/DC ultra rapid aR, 6.3 x 32mm, for Digital measuring instruments

Nato Series 440VAC, 6.3 x32mm, Fast acting for NATO applications (Fuse Codes: 059-0107, 059-0108, 059-0109, 059-0110, 059-0111, 059-0112, 059-0113, 011-9925, 0119926)

5AG 32VAC/DC fast, glass, 10.3 x 38mm, gold plated for use in audio

5019906 1000VAC/DC ultra rapid gR, digital measuring equipment applications

Please note: HS Sales is not liable for any damages due to incorrect fuse usage. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct fuse is applied as per the ratings specified by manufacturer.