DA205 Glass Fuse 5x20mm Slow - Pack of 5

DA205 Glass Fuse 5x20mm Slow - Pack of 5

If the amp rating you require says 0 or low stock availability, please contact us as we often hold stock in store that is not listed on our website.

DA205 Glass Fuse

  • Glass
  • 20 x 5mm
  • 250Vac
  • Slow Blow   (if you require fast-blow, please see product M205)
  • Pack of 5

Several companies manufacture this type of fuse. We will send you the brand that we have in stock at the time of your order (if you require a specific brand, please contact us before placing your order)

Note: We will endeavour to mail this product out within 48 hours of receiving your order.

If your order is urgent, we suggest that you contact us first to ensure that we have immediate availability. (08) 9458 7933 or sales@hssales.net   Pickups in store are always welcome: Unit 2 / 3 Atlas Court, Welshpool, West Australia 6106

If you require a large quantity of fuses, please contact us for price and availability. 08 9458 7933 or sales@hssales.net

Please note: HS Sales is not liable for any damages due to incorrect fuse usage. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the correct fuse is applied as per the ratings specified by manufacturer.

Other codes for this fuse:

DA205-32mA S506-32mA T0.032AL250V T0.032A 250V 0218.032
DA205-40mA S506-40mA T0.04AL250V T0.04A 250V 0218.040
DA205-50mA S506-50mA T0.05AL250V T0.05A 250V 0218.050
DA205-63mA S506-63mA T0.063AL250V T0.063A 250V 0218.063
DA205-80mA S506-80mA T0.08AL250V T0.08A 250V 0218.080
DA205-100ma S506-100MA T0.1AL250V T0.1A 250V 0218.100
DA205-125ma S506-125MA T0.125AL250V T0.125A 250V 0218.125
DA205-160ma S506-160MA T0.125AL250V T0.125A 250V 0218.160
DA205-200ma S506-200MA T0.2AL250V T0.2A 250V 0218.200
DA205-250ma S506-250MA T0.25AL250V T0.25A 250V 0218.250
DA205-315ma S506-315MA T0.315AL250V T0.315A 250V  0218.315
DA205-400ma S506-400MA T0.4AL250V T0.4A 250V  0218.400
DA205-500ma S506-500MA T0.5AL250V T0.5A 250V  0218.500
DA205-630ma S506-630MA T0.63AL250V T0.63A 250V  0218.630
DA205-800ma S506-800MA T0.8AL250V T0.8A 250V  0218.800
DA205-1A S506-1A T1AL250V T1A 250V 0218001
DA205-1.25A S506-1.25A T1.25AL250V T1.25A 250V  02181.25
DA205-1.6A S506-1.6A T1.6AL250V T1.6A 250V  021801.6
DA205-2A S506-2A T2AL250V T2A 250V 0218002
DA205-2.5A S506-2.5A T2.5AL250V T2.5A 250V  021802.5
DA205-3.15A S506-3.15A T3.15AL250V T3.15A 250V  02183.15
DA205-4A S506-4A T4AL250V T4A 250V 0218003
DA205-5A S506-5A T5AL250V T5A 250V 0218005
DA205-6.3A S506-6.3A T6.3AL250V T6.3A 250V  021806.3
DA205-8A S506-8A T8AL250V T8A 250V 0218008
DA205-10A S506-10A T10AL250V T10A 250V  0218010